For Whoso ever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, How they call on Him whom they have not believe? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they are sent? As its written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of Peace and bring tiding of good things! Romans 10:13-15(quoted)

AN EVANGELICAL MINISTRY THAT INTENDS TO EXTEND THE WORD JESUS SPOKE IN THE BOOK OF JOHN 14:16 (‘ I AM THE WAY AND TRUTH AND THE LIFE NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME “) AS THE BASIC SCRIPTURE.NOTE: for us we know the way and how to get there (john 14:2-4) but others must know through us (act 1:8)

Aims & Objectives of the ministry

1. To make heaven at  last

2. To preach the gospel to all, reconcile souls that are lost to God and human relation

3. To join the end time revivalists to frustrate the works of the devil against God’s ordinances.

8. To disciple youths towards aggressive evangelism

4. To discourage heretical teachings and draw believers to the biblical doctrines of the apostles

To shows love and teach how to love and care as demonstrated by Christ

5 To reconcile some interdenominational problems among churches and ministries and encourage unity, oneness, love and understanding among brethren irrespective of  denominational differences

*humility, holiness, compassions, righteousness, love shall be our spiritual weapons to achieve the above as the spirit gives. (1st john 4:8)               

Our belief

v  That there  is only one God who created everything including man which he created in his own image

v  That man fell from the original grace as the image of God

v  That God hates sins and wants man to live without sinning.

v  That Jesus is Lord and God’s manifestation as man

v  That there is heaven and hell . heaven for pleasure hell for suffering

v  That anyone who  want to make heaven must pass through Jesus Christ by  accepting Him as Lord & savior.

v  That refusal to accept Christ is a sin and has no forgiveness.

v  That we are under the grace and that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is enough for individual believer .

v  That a soul that sin will die irrespective aof post, age, sex, status.

v  We believe in the virgin  birth of the Lord, his love, teachings and miracles, his suffering and death, His resurrection and ascension, His second coming and His promise to take believers with him while He reigns.

v  We believe the resurrection of man for rapture and the  judgment.

v  We believe in the words of Christ together with his parables and stress more on this words and this  is why God gave us the name ” The Lords  Word Mission” (2nd tim.3:1)                                                                        

Our Focus In Operations

Open crusade -The mission crusade

Indoor ministrations (church programs) the mission massage

Songs ministrations – the mission voice

Drama showing and Acting  – mission drama

v  House to house evangelism – mission Visitation

Seminars presentations – the mission seminars

Bible study programs the mission Scriptures

Ministration through books & cds  -the Mission media

Intercessory prayer & deliverance  – the M. Warriors

Counseling & advice the mission counsel

*In carrying out the above, there shall be e, commitment, submission humility righteousness and holiness. 

*Open crusade, indoor ministration and Mission Visitation shall be done with great passion and compassion john 13 : 14 Eph.4:2,1st john 3 : 18

         The Ministries

       1. The Mission crusade

Open crusade for revival programs for increase the effectiveness and productivity of Christian life, Holy ghost service for holy spirit baptismal, Impartation and his fire.

2. The Mission Message (church programs)

TLWM is available for any church that wish to invite her for revival, seminars and bible studies. This is possible because TLWM endeavors to relate with any Church,  Ministries, Group  or individuals that proclaim or believe the name of the Lord.   Another reason is, we see all Christian as one people of the same father(God) and with one goal (Heaven). 1st pet 4:10, rom12:6-7

3. The Mission Visitation

Moving from door to door of the neighboring homes, towns, states and Nations as God gives the abilities.

In this operation, the basis of the campaign shall be Jesus is lord ( Jesus saves)

                4. Seminar

(a) seminar programs for youths either invited or inviting which shall centre towards unique topics designed by the invitees or the invited (Titus 2:3-5 ,rom.12: 6-7)

(b) minister seminars

This program is prepared to improve, the ministers in carrying out their primary  assignment; which is evangelism.

The bible shall be the standard guide for each seminar.

5. The mission scriptures search

Bible study programs shall be organized within and outside the ministry

There  shall be weekly bible study programs in a constant venue for interested brethren.

Special bible study programs for special topics shall also be organized anytime anywhere.        

The Mission Battle. The weekly Prayer meetings is organized to seek God’s intervention in fighting the of lives.            


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