Sat. March 30, 2019 YOUR HEART, YOUR DESTINY The state of your heart determines your place on the earth. It takes an open heart to open up your earth. If your heart is closed, your earth will be closed. The purer the heart, the greater your possession on the earth. Matthew 5:8. To the pure all things are pure and to the impure, all things are impure. What the engine is in a car is what the heart is to a destiny. Destiny will crash if the heart is broken. The race of life will slow down and be scuttled if the engine is not sound. Everything that is wrong in life has its root in the heart, you cannot possess a right heart and end with a wrong destiny. Brethren, work on your heart, make it pure to prepare you for a brighter future. Occupying your heart with irrelevant and complicated thoughts has significant negative effects with the evil thoughts occupying your heart. Learn to focus on God with positive expectations in every circumstances. Meditation Keep your heart to secure your destiny. Proverbs.4:23 .

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